Secure Identity Verification Management

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Real-Time Verification (RTV) technology can power the custom personnel assurance solution you need to:

  • Securely collect, process and selectively present critical personal information.
  • Know the identities of individuals before granting access to secure areas.
  • Verify the threat-free backgrounds of contractors, visitors, workers and others.
  • Confirm, manage and prove staff member professional training and certifications.
  • Issue, manage, and authenticate ID credentials.
  • Provide real-time, permission-based access to comprehensive member information at any location.
  • Implement a highly effective shared-information incident reporting and case management system.

The Next Generation of Identity Assurance

Threats to businesses, critical infrastructure, public venues and other vital resources are continuously increasing. Effectively reducing these risks requires secure, trusted, real-time information about personal identities, threat-free backgrounds, professional qualifications, and authorizations for access.
Real-Time Verification (RTV) technology is the proven technology platform that can drive a custom-designed solution that meets virtually any personal identity verification, certification tracking and credential management need.

RTV is a cost effective, turnkey, managed service that can seamlessly integrate into existing security, operations and human resources systems. It can be securely accessed anywhere from an authorized device with an Internet connection and provides the up-to-the-moment accurate information needed by these and other sectors:

  • Airports & Transportation Facilities
  • Critical Infrastructure & Key Resources
  • Public Landmarks & City Centers
  • Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
  • Education
  • Corrections

Custom Identity Solution Features

Custom solutions built on the RTV platform are feature-rich, fully interoperable and user-friendly. As a managed service, it delivers turnkey functionality that requires no special software or user maintenance. Among its capabilities and features are:

  • Personal identity verification.
  • Personal information collection and management.
  • Identity document authentication.
  • Professional certification tracking and validation.
  • Background and criminal history screening.
  • Credential issuance and management.
  • Real-time, mobile verification of access rights to secure locations.
  • Incident reporting and case management.

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