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Real-Time Verification (RTV) provides critical information to:

  • Verify who people are - any time, any place.
  • Authenticate access authorization and permission.
  • Determine individuals' professional and technical certifications.
  • Know important facts about individuals.
  • Get reliable audit records for investigations.

Secure Hosted Identity Management Service

Real-Time Verification (RTV) is a trusted, proven technology that powers an array of identity assurance and information management services. It enables public agencies, businesses and organizations of all kinds to reduce risk through personnel assurance. RTV bridges the gap between security, human resources and operations to establish highly effective, collaborative programs that enhance safety, while ensuring maximum privacy protection. RTV is verification you can trust.

SWAC Tested - Proven Effective
  • Long-term use at WTC, NY/NJ transportation infrastructure
  • Unifies the efforts of more than 2,700 companies
  • Securely processed over 75,000 applications
  • Discovered 2 identity theft cases
  • Helped identify over 300 potential identity frauds

The Real-Time Difference

RTV is a unique identity verification and information management service, far superior to traditional ID solutions. As a fully managed service, RTV provides a level of security, reliability and real-time personnel assurance that card-based programs and similar solutions cannot match. Identity verification, professional certification tracking, and credentials management for security compliance can all be accessed in real time by authorized users from anywhere on any Web-enabled device.

The Proven Identity Verification Platform

RTV is utilized by thousands of public and private organizations, and has securely processed millions of membership applications, background screenings, and related financial transactions. Its technology is the culmination of over 10 years of field-based experience, integrating the knowledge and expertise of security, HR, operations and IT professionals. The result of this collaborative process is a highly customizable platform for effective solutions to the real-world security challenges faced by businesses and government in today's uncertain world.

RTV Features

RTV is a feature-rich, fully customizable platform that enables agencies and businesses to create and manage critical information databases. National infrastructures, diverse enterprises and emergency responders rely on its secure and highly-available technology infrastructure, trusted identity and certification processing engine, and simple Web access for real-time:

  • Personal identity verification.
  • Identity document authentication.
  • Professional certification tracking and validation.
  • Credential issuance and management.
  • Real-time verification of access rights to secure locations.
  • Personal information collection, retrieval and management.
  • Background and criminal history screening.
  • Incident reporting and case management.
  • Mobile verification tools.

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RTV Powering Real-World Solutions

RTV has the versatility to power an unlimited range of identity and security solutions that require real-time, highly reliable personal assurance and information validation.

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