National Sheriffs' Association: Corporate Spotlight

August 17, 2015
Identity verification, professional certification tracking, and credential management are critical elements in managing risk associated with providing Public Safety services and specialized response teams. 
To assure the safety and security of operations, we must: identify our trusted resources; document individuals’ professional training and credentials; and, maintain proof of compliance with regulatory requirements and SOPs. 
Comprehensive identity profiles maintained in trusted communities protect against the risk of non-compliance, and enhance the safety and security of regional emergency response, recovery, and rebuilding efforts. 
Real-Time Technology Group’s RTV (Real-Time Verification) platform provides a secure, managed service that supports permission-based collaboration and need-to-know information sharing among local departments, county coordinators, regional response teams, state and federal agencies, and all the contractors who support response efforts. 
Securely sharing this critical information through a highly accessible, Web-based system enables the most efficient use of limited resources, reduces risk, improves safety and security, and delivers immediate return on investment. 
  • Public Safety Agencies are burdened with assuring that emergency responders actively maintain professional certifications in compliance with regulatory requirements and local SOPs.
  • Existing systems include homegrown spreadsheet files and legacy software products that fall short in providing an operational tool that: * Streamlines and audits certification tracking initiatives; * Provides intelligent notification of potential non-compliance; and, * Enables real-time authentication of identity and certification claims.
  • Public Safety Agencies often remove a trained First Responder from regular duties in order to manually track the training and professional certifications of department members.
  • More and more frequently, legal professionals seek to exploit training and certification oversights in hopes of securing significant civil litigation awards on behalf of clients.
  • The potential cost of failing to comply with regulatory requirements is significant. In fact, a Transportation Authority was recently fined $3.5 million for failure to produce proof of First Responders’ training compliance.
  • Local Incident Commanders are unable to field-authenticate mutual-aid responders and relevant skillsets for optimal and safe deployment.
  • Emergency Management and Law Enforcement Officials assume responsibility for the risk of private organizations that provide support services related to daily operations and incident response.
RTV enables individual agencies to easily manage comprehensive identity profiles that assure compliance with personnel training and credentialing requirements. It provides a secure, audited platform that can even privately share limited personnel records with other permitted organizations in support of regional safety and security. 
  • Integrated personal identity verification and background screening
  • Comprehensive professional training and certification tracking
  • Real-time compliance reporting including automated notifications and alerts
  • Mobile authentication of identity profiles and credentials (ID cards)
  • Audited, permission-based information sharing

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