April 2019 - Flemington, NJ 
SWAC, the number one platform for managing identity solutions, announces Joseph A. DeLuca, SWAC Chief Compliance Officer has been appointed voting member for The Surface Transportation Security Advisory Committee for The Transportation Security Administration. The Surface Transportation Security Advisory Committee was established in accordance with Section 1969 of Public Law No: 115-254.  
TSA Administrator David Pekoske appointed DeLuca to the Groups Representing the Users of Surface Transportation. “I look forward to collaborating closely with the newly appointed members of the Surface Transportation Security Advisory Committee,” said Pekoske. “The knowledge and expertise these leaders bring to the table will play a vital role in TSA’s continued efforts to safeguard the nation’s surface transportation systems.”* 
“This is a perfect time to join forces with the Surface Transportation Security Advisory Committee to provide public transportation safety and security oversight. My vision and track record will provide a unique voice as the federal and state governments gear up to revitalize our nation’s transportation infrastructure. As Congress begins to push for investment in our nation’s infrastructure, it is essential to recognize the connection between our security and the construction of our transportation infrastructure, “said Joseph A. DeLuca. 
Mr. DeLuca’s experience is unmatched! He is a recognized leader and expert in the oversight of procurement and construction projects, to prevent fraud, abuse, and the infiltration on all levels. His intimate understanding of the importance in protecting critical infrastructure sites from intrusion by criminals, terrorists, and criminal organizations, and the need for safeguarding documents and classified information is a valuable skill set for SWAC. Together with his knowledge in risk mitigation, monitoring and regulatory compliance and construction operations he truly complements the SWAC team of seasoned executives and guides the evolution of “BEST PRACTICE” for managed identity solutions in both the public and private sectors.  
SWAC delivers workplace compliance solutions based on safety and security best practices. Our personnel assurance programs deliver a turnkey package of services and advanced technologies that efficiently and effectively mitigate the inside threats presented by contractors, consultants and others working at sensitive facilities, critical infrastructure or accessing confidential information. Positive identity verification, criminal history reporting, counter-terrorism screening, watch-list monitoring, and professional training certifications all provide risk managers assurance that an individual is not a workplace threat. No other program has SWAC’s in depth experience in uniting the efforts of disconnected stakeholders to cooperatively implement best-in-class security protocols while protecting individuals’ privacy rights. SWAC has earned its exceptional reputation by serving the workplace security and safety needs of the World Trade Center, NY transportation authorities, and their capital construction workforce for more than 12 years and is 100% U.S. based. 
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*Quote taken form: National Press Release, Monday, April 8, 2019, The Transportation Security Administration webpage

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